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What are the Main Systems of the Automatic Flat Mask Machine?

The system composition of the fully automatic flat mask machine includes the following 4 aspects:
1. The transmission system of the mask machine: The transmission system of the mask machine includes motors, gears, reducers, sprockets, chains, conveyor belts and other components. It is used to check whether there are dust and other things on the outer surface of the motor that affect the heat dissipation, and whether there are any adhesions on the gears and sprockets. C. Whether the tightness of the chain of the cover machine is appropriate, whether there are foreign objects, whether the connecting screws between the transmission parts are loose, etc. Whether the lubricating oil of the reducer of the mask machine is sufficient, usually the lubricating oil needs to be changed every 1000 hours to 1500 hours.
2. The electrical system of the mask machine: check whether the circuit connectors of the mask machine are loose, whether the main power cord, branch signal line, etc. are worn, aging, electrical equipment is loose, whether the inside of the electrical box is cleaned, and whether the exhaust fan is operating normally and many more.
3. Ultrasonic system of the mask machine: (consisting of the ultrasonic electric box, sensation, welding head, and connecting wire) See if the ultrasonic system of the mask machine is clean, especially the ultrasonic electric box, sensation (transducer), welding The head (expansion ratio) must be dry and clean without water, and the connection line must be firm. Always check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head of the mask machine. Pay attention to the scale of changes in the pointers of the voltmeter and ammeter on the ultrasonic box of the mask machine.
4. Air supply system of the mask machine: (consisting of the air source filter system, trachea, and air cylinder) air filter cup to check whether there is water in the mask machine, and drain the air compressor by the way. Press the water). Check if there is air leakage in the air pipe? Is there air leakage in the cylinder? The cylinder magnetic sensor position and whether the operation is normal.
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